Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sticking It

You want me to do WHAT with this?

Okay - I (Eva) am the first to admit that - to the best of my knowledge - I am not, as PK would say, anal erotic.

That's not to say however that I'm not up for new things.
When I asked PK what one does with a butt plug and she replied with her smart assed "stick it" comment I laughed.

Of course I already knew THAT!!! But WHY does one stick it? I don't get it. It doesn't sound all that fun but hey, who am I to argue. Besides, if PK can purchase a $50 HMW at my insistence and persistence, then I suppose I can spend a few bucks on a butt plug.

But you know what?

Adam cornered PK in Pleasure Chest and quizzed her about the uses and benefits of said crystal jelly butt apparatus. I'm not quite sure what all she told him but she must have answered his questions in a way that piqued his interest because he bought the butt plug.

I didn't fight it or argue. I just went along with it.

No. It's not yet been used. Anyone wanna buy it? Kidding. Kidding. Kidding.

Seriously, if the truth were known, I am curious and knew all along what Adam was discussing with PK. I stayed an arms length... well more than that... away so they could talk.

Still though it hasn't been used............ yet.................

So there you have it... the butt plug is mine and honestly I think it might have caught my attention a long time ago had it not had such a ridiculous name. Butt plug. Come on now. There's got to be a more erotic, sexy, fun sounding name for it.

How about ... crap... I can't think of a thing. Help me! Let's rename it.


I know.

Perhaps after I've actually used it, it will be easier to name. In the meantime if you have any ideas, leave a comment!!!

Pssst ~ (*whispering*) Wanna know what I'm really afraid of? Using it. Liking it. And then something like this happens.

See what I mean?

So yeah, I confess... the butt plug is mine.

Cracks me up that PK won the vote on that one.

I mean think about it. She owns 2 dozen of them already (or some number greater than one). Would she buy such a generic beginner one? And also, I mean really... how many can she use at once?

Hey, y'all... have a GREAT day!!!


  1. Why does Pk own 24 butt plugs??? My gosh she really is the Queen of Kink.

    Eva we expect full details here when first used at your Garden of Eden.

    *hugs and plugs*

  2. ROFLMAO at the video!! I hate it when that happens!!

    I do not have 24 maybe 5 or 6 and I like them!! They make me feel sexy and horny! What more could you ask for?

    Somewhere I read, and I cannot remember where, called them bottom stoppers. You like that any better? How about 'Exquisite Plugs of Desire' (EPD). We can come up with something.

    Love you twin and your sense of adventure!

  3. 5rr44g (the cat just walked across the keyboard... little shit!)

    That video was a howl! Thanks for including it.

    Suddenly, I'm feeling extremely unworthy. Here I am, a truly anal erotic female, and I only have one puny little butt plug, while Ms. PK has an entourage.

    Hey, I did find the cute one with the horse tail at the Pleasure Chest and then (like a fool) left it there. Mr. Smith looked at it when I showed it to him with both wonder and doubt. Wonder at the tail, doubt at the size. I could have taken it and wouldn't it have been such a fun thing to do, swishing my tail? I think I'll order it and surprise myself.

    Oh, hell what am I saying, I think I'll check out our local Adult SuperStore and see if they have one!!

    Hmm, a new name? How about Anal Activator or Double Driller. I know, I know!!! Eva's Exxxstacy, you're gonna love it! After all you liked the oil. Would your friends ever steer you wrong?


  4. Eva, how about, "something to think upon", STTU, not that there would be a lot of thinking once it's in.
    Thank for the video and the mental vision.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. CeeCi you really made that plug with the tail sound so sexy and fun. You have a way of doing that with anything you write about. But if Nick should ask you to write on the erotic pleasures of cooking and cleaning, save yourself the time - I ain't buying it!


  6. David~ I have no clue why she needs so many. And don't worry.. you'll get details when there are details to give.

    PK~ 5, 6, or 106, why does a girl need more than one? Or a couple need more than two? Bottom Stopper? That's just as bad.... EPD might work.... keep thinking.

    CeeCi~ You may have just one plug but look at all the other stuff you have!!!! Somehow I have this feeling you are not a deprived kinky spanko!!!

    Paul~ STTU is not bad but how about Something Stays Anal which is SSA which is ASS backwards... or in math it means side side angle.

    Still thinking...

    PK ~ Cooking and cleaning CAN be erotic. Trust me on this one... try it sometime in front of Nick. See what he does. I bet you change your mind!!!!!


  7. let me know...inquiring minds want to know... :-)