Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nick's quiz

PK here. Before we got to LA Nick began wondering about ways we could all get acquainted that first evening. I told him we girls already knew all there was to know about each other and for some reason he took that as a challenge. That was the beginning of the quiz idea. So here is how Nick helped us all get to know more about each other.


On our first evening together in LA , our four ladies were given a questionnaire that I had put together. I felt it might serve two purposes: first was to let the guys learn something about the women, and second to find out if the women knew each other as well as we expected. Of course I hoped there might be some entertainment value as well.

After they each independently answered the questionnaires, they were given a quiz to see who could best predict the answers from the group at large (think Big Brother or Survivor).

Here are some of the questions asked and the results:
1. At what average age were the earliest spanking fantasies? 12
2. How many had previously visited an adult store with a female friend? 1
(Okay I lied about this one! I completely forgot that the 4 of us had gone when we went to VA. So sue me, it wasn’t as nice as the stores we found in LA.
3. How many had used a “safe word”? 0
4. How many have received an outdoor spanking (bare bottomed)? 1
5. How many have made love outdoors? 2
(I think someone lied about this one – we recalled a trampoline story from Grace that she might have forgotten. The rest of us hadn’t)
6. How many have “streaked”? 1
7. How many normally sleep in the nude? 2
8. How many total vanilla family and friends know? 2
9. How many spanking implements (before LA) were owned by group? 65
10. How many different rooms in the four homes have been spanking sites? 18
11. What is total age of all children? 133
12. What is total number of pets? 11
(Eva cheated on this one)

As expected the ladies did know a lot about each other, perhaps as a result of all those hours of blogging, e-mails, and telephone calls. I think the guys may have gotten a glimpse into the minds of some of the women, other than the one we are already trying to figure out.

PK has already given you some of the best quotes from the trip but here are a few we remembered from while we were playing. Some comments were made as the answers were revealed:

#4 Not yet!

#7 Is there any other way to sleep?

#6 Who’s the wild child? … Don’t look at me!

#9 Hey, you know you have to have more than that, you must have forgotten to count your pervertibles.

#10 Did you count the basement?

#12 The frog does count, he has a name (Kroger).

Like I said, these women did know a great deal about each other but who knew the most?

PK here again I had another quiz question. One of the other questions asked which we preferred for a spanking OTK or prone, like on the bed. Three said prone and one said OTK. Who said OTK was her favorite?

Nick's quiz

1. After scoring of the quiz who best predicted the answers of the group:


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  1. Nick, you're all damn pervs, don't know why I associate with you lot. Chuckles
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