Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Men

We girls have been blogging for years now. We talk on email and sometimes by phone. We felt we knew each other pretty well. The trip actually changed things, we don’t just know each other, we are part of each other. The feeling I got on the trip reminded me of something I posted here before but it is worth repeating.

The bond that links your true family
Is not one of blood,
but of respect and joy in each other’s life.
Rarely do members of one family
Grow up under the same roof.

My blog has blessed me with many friends and many sisters. Most I have not gotten to meet yet but I am so grateful that I was able to see and and hear and touch these special women. And I can’t wait to get my hands on them again!!

But today I wanted to give you my impression of the men. And I will start with Nick. Yes I know I have mentioned Nick before a time or two on my site but I don’t think I have expressed how much HE has changed since all this started. I know when Eva and Adam were first going to meet him I warned her that he was kinda shy. Not unfriendly, just quiet and reserved. I was very worried that he wouldn’t have much to say to them. WRONG!! He and Adam began talking right away. They have always gotten along well. I did tell CeeCi and Grace the same thing about Nick and they later accused me of lying!

Okay the guy they saw was not shy. But I was basing my description on how he has been with some of my other friends, some of whom he has known for years and may not have engaged in 10 conversations. But as Nick tells me he felt like he knew these people and he knew we had a lot in common. He was as relaxed and comfortable on this trip as he could be.

Adam is truly a wonderful man. You get to hear a lot about him over at Eva’s site. Adam is a true smart ass like Nick – this was actually a trait I noticed in all our guys! I just plain like Adam, he picks on me, he give me/us backscratchers, and when I text Eva too often he tells me to get off the phone and go take a nap! But I like him anyway. He did teach me what a clothes line was for – and I don’t mean kinky, he was hanging wet clothes on it.

My favorite thing about Adam is how much he loves Eva. It is apparent in every thing he does or says. They can talk about anything. Something I am just beginning to do with Nick. They seem as comfortable talking about the rough patches in their marriage as they do the good times. They are just relaxed and happy with each other and that is what makes them both so much fun to be around.

Now about Bossman, the baby of our group. He is fun and he is funny! We got to ride with him and Grace about half the time and I love listening to the both of them. I don’t think he ‘knew’ all of us as well as Nick and Adam did because I don’t picture him reading the blogs as much. But Bossman is just the kind of guy you like the minute you meet him. But as sweet and easygoing as he is it takes no great imagination to picture him taking control when Grace should go too far in bratting or lets the bathroom get too messy. He looks like he could swing a mean backscratcher! I think he likes all of us now, he didn’t seem to mind us advising Grace on which toys to buy and that BJs could become a real joy for both partners. Nope, he didn’t seem to mind at all.

And that brings me to Mr. Smith, the newest one in the group. What courage this man has! After I got to see CeeCi and hear her voice I have to label Mr. Smith as one of the luckiest of men. But his courage shows in many ways. He took the plunge of asking a good friend out on a date. I would say that date went well. ROFLMAF that date went very well! But it also took courage to come meet all of us. I felt the best about him before our trip when CeeCi told us that after he had accepted her invitation he had some cold feet wondering ‘just what we would expect' of him. I felt better that he was a little worried that he was falling in with a bunch of pervs. (I mean, well he was, but the good, harmless kind).

CeeCi is lucky to have found such a friend. He is good looking, funny, talented, interesting and a good listener. He was as easy to talk to as anyone I have ever met. He talked about his family and we had a great conversation about LJ and Colin. I felt like we had been friends for a long time. But the very best thing about Mr. Smith – he makes my friend CeeCi very happy. They have a wonderful friendship.

Other tidbits about the guys, none are going to have to worry about keeping their hair out of their eyes or needing to tie it back in a ponytail anytime soon. Three of the four have goatees. And all are wonderful, funny, sexy, caring men who make the women in their lives incredibly happy!


  1. Awesome post, twin. They are a special group of guys!!!!

  2. PK, this is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful group of men. How did we all get to be so lucky? We're with guys who treasure us. I think it's their smiles that make them all so handsome.

    Thanks for the huge laugh! Mr. Smith hasn't had to worry about hair in his eyes for several decades and I just adore his goatee, it tickles.


  3. CeeCi~ Dang. I didn't think I wanted Adam to have a goatee till now. You make even that sound good!!

  4. PK, a very generous post, you make your male partners sound wonderful and I'm sure that they are.
    They have one advantage, they know exactly where they stand with their womenfolk, and that's a firm foundation.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. I thought this was just as lovely a tribute to the friendship that's between you ladies too. It is good to witness it. *smiles*

    I hope you get more time together in future.

  6. Eva,
    I will give us that, we sure can pick men!

    LOL! You are right. Nick has always had a beard or a goatee and I LOVE the ways it feels!

    CeeCi can make anything sound good and this time, as usual, she is exactly right. You could have Adam give it a try.

    They are wonderful! Yes they know where they stand but not only do they know what we want and need they care enough to provide it.

    When I was younger I would never have predicted I would make my very best friends ever in my late 40's early 50's. I have been very lucky!

  7. What a nice tribute to all the guys. I read it to Bossman, he liked!

    Believe it or not, I've never seen Bossman without a mustache. He's had one since he was in high school. The goatee came a little later, but I think he looks quite handsome with it.

    All the men were great! I enjoyed each and every one of them. They were fun and entertaining, to say the least!


  8. That was a lovely post, thanks PK. I think you guys are all very lucky to have found both your men and each other :-)

  9. Grace,
    I think Bossman was very handsome. I had never seen Nick without a full beard until Jan 1 of this year when he cut it down to a goatee. I like it a lot!

    I feel very, very lucky!

  10. As with Grace, I have never seen my Hubs clean shaven (Y'all settle down - I mean his FACE!)He has always had a full beard. I don't think that I would recognize him without it!
    Great post PK. Have you ever wondered why it is that we spankos have the best husbands in the world?

  11. As with Grace, I have never seen my Hubs clean shaven (Y'all settle down - I mean his FACE!)He has always had a full beard. I don't think that I would recognize him without it!
    Great post PK. Have you ever wondered why it is that we spankos have the best husbands in the world?

  12. Little known fact about Adam: He always had a mustache and often grew a full beard in the winter time and yes, I liked it. It's only been in recent years that he has gone for the just shaved look. I teased him that he used to grow facial hair in order to look older and now he shaves it off in order to look younger. And yes, PK, I have pictures to prove this.


  13. Fanny,
    I once saw a picture of Nick and 2 other guy guys when he was in his early 20 just before he grew the beard. Even knowing he was one of the three I could not pick him out.

    So bring the pictue already. And after a point the beard or goatee doesn't make them look older, they look distinguished.

  14. Sounds like a bunch of fantastic men in a bunch of wonderful fantastic womens lives. I consider it an honor to know even if only via email and blogs each one of you! I wish we could have been the 5th couple there :-)



  15. So nice to hear about the men and the women they adore... :-)