Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Love never tasted so good!

At this point in the blog you are probably thinking that the gang and I spent the entire trip in adult stores. We did not, however, it was one of the biggest highlights.

You probably already know that this was the first time I've ever been to these kind of stores. I was nervous! The first store was kind of seedy and frankly, if the other stores had been like that, there wouldn't be much to talk about.

The first store was EXACTLY what I was expecting out of an adult store. Bad part of town, bars on the windows and just, well, just exactly as I expected.

The other two stores were WONDERFUL. I didn't feel like I was somewhere I shouldn't be. There were average looking people shopping and the only one giggling was probably me......

After our tragic first store experience, Bossman and Adam got online and found a couple of new stores to look for the next day. We had decided it was probably a good idea to look for these stores in the DAY time. The next morning, Jim wasn't feeling well, so he and C.C. stayed at the hotel while the rest of us headed out. We decided to drive by the Hustler store first, as it was on the way to the Hollywood walk of fame. (SEE, we did other things besides toy shopping.) The store looked GREAT from the outside. It was in a great part of town and it was HUGE! It was closed and we didn't want to go without C.C. and Jim, but we were glad to find it.

Later that day, we picked up C.C and Jim (thank goodness he was feeling better) and we headed out to the store. It was a really nice store but a little high priced. One thing that we didn't like.....the very small alcove in the back of the store that had the spanking and so-called kinky stuff. Why in the world did our stuff have to be put in a tiny little alcove? There wasn't much to choose from in the spanking and bondage department. Having it be in such a small little space made me feel like spanking and bondage were a BAD thing.

Thankfully there was a whole lot more to look at in that store and looking through it all took quite some time. But practically the minute we walked in, Bossman found some stuff called Semenex. I should have known by the name what it was for...frankly, Bossman should have known by the name, what it was for. But remember, we are novices! We don't know ANYTHING.

So, what exactly do you think semenex is for? Let me tell you what WE thought it was for. See, we thought it was some sort of lube or tasty treat to make blow jobs better. If you've read my blog long enough, you will know that I am not a big fan of the bj. Bossman, on the other hand, seems to enjoy them a lot. So Bossman grabbed that Semenex and would not put it down.

We all finished looking through that store and were in the process of checking out our items. C.C. pointed out the Kama Sutra oils and informed me that it was wonderful and really made bj's more enjoyable. So, I ran to the counter with some, and told Bossman we should get that, and lets put the other stuff away. NOPE, he was NOT going to put down the Semenex.

After we left the store, we headed back to our hotel rooms. We all went to our own rooms to put all our goodies away. When we got into our room, I dumped all our stuff out on the bed. Bossman took the bottle of Semenex and opened it. Guess what? It's powder.

Bossman tells me this, so I'm confused. What the heck is it? Bossman starts reading the label. Guess what Semenex is?

You mix it with water, drink it and it's suppose to make your semen taste better!

That's right folks. “When did we go from ‘maybe’ to trying to make it taste good enough to swallow?”

Bossman and I started laughing so hard. I took a look at the instructions and it made us laugh even harder......

Directions for use: 1. About an hour or so before bed, ejaculate at least once to rid the body of natural-tasting semen. 2. Open Semenex container and stir contents throughly. 3. Pour bottle of semenex into a lidded container or shaker of 6 ounces of water or other desired beverage. 4. Close the lid and shake contents vigorously, then drink.

Doesn't that sound fun?

For your information this is what it says:

Semenex will enhance semen taste in as little as 12 to 24 hours. For best results repeat steps 2 and 3 for an additional one to two nights, being careful not to ejaculate further (the human male physiology takes approximately three days to fully replenish semen supply.)

As you can imagine, this made us laugh all the more. As the rest of the group started gathering back in our room, we had to share our story of the semenex.

Needless to say, it was the group joke for most of the rest of the trip. C.C. mentioned that she figured that the ingredients would include pineapple. I had never heard that pineapple could change the way you taste. Later in the evening, I checked the ingredients and sure enough, pineapple is the first ingredient. I told you, that C.C. is a smart cookie!

The powder smells a lot like pumpkin, but there is no pumpkin in the stuff. I'll admit, I snuck a little taste. It doesn't taste half bad...LOL I wonder if it will make ME taste better!

This is the part where I must stick up for my hubby. (Just a little anyway)

See, the week before the trip, Bossman had a root canal. Unfortunately, it was still bothering him. He didn't tell me that his tooth was hurting until after we got back to the hotel. So, although he was there in the store with us, he wasn't really feeling that well. He didn't take the time to read the fine print. He just saw the name Semenex and decided that was the stuff for us.

Trust me, next time, we will be reading all the fine print!

Oh, and I don't understand it, but for some reason pineapple has landed on my grocery list!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

One answer, one question

About the quiz Nick made up for us, the majority was absolute right!! You all should have known that I won. Do you think the detail whore was going to come in second on a quiz about her best blogger buddies? Come on! Get real! I won, I won!!!

Now while I know all about my buddies I bare know anything about computers. You get past the basics and I am screwed so I wasn’t able to get both questions working at the same time. So here is the second question in case you wanted to answer it.

Nick's Quiz

Which was the only one of us to say she preferred OTK to prone?


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nick's quiz

PK here. Before we got to LA Nick began wondering about ways we could all get acquainted that first evening. I told him we girls already knew all there was to know about each other and for some reason he took that as a challenge. That was the beginning of the quiz idea. So here is how Nick helped us all get to know more about each other.


On our first evening together in LA , our four ladies were given a questionnaire that I had put together. I felt it might serve two purposes: first was to let the guys learn something about the women, and second to find out if the women knew each other as well as we expected. Of course I hoped there might be some entertainment value as well.

After they each independently answered the questionnaires, they were given a quiz to see who could best predict the answers from the group at large (think Big Brother or Survivor).

Here are some of the questions asked and the results:
1. At what average age were the earliest spanking fantasies? 12
2. How many had previously visited an adult store with a female friend? 1
(Okay I lied about this one! I completely forgot that the 4 of us had gone when we went to VA. So sue me, it wasn’t as nice as the stores we found in LA.
3. How many had used a “safe word”? 0
4. How many have received an outdoor spanking (bare bottomed)? 1
5. How many have made love outdoors? 2
(I think someone lied about this one – we recalled a trampoline story from Grace that she might have forgotten. The rest of us hadn’t)
6. How many have “streaked”? 1
7. How many normally sleep in the nude? 2
8. How many total vanilla family and friends know? 2
9. How many spanking implements (before LA) were owned by group? 65
10. How many different rooms in the four homes have been spanking sites? 18
11. What is total age of all children? 133
12. What is total number of pets? 11
(Eva cheated on this one)

As expected the ladies did know a lot about each other, perhaps as a result of all those hours of blogging, e-mails, and telephone calls. I think the guys may have gotten a glimpse into the minds of some of the women, other than the one we are already trying to figure out.

PK has already given you some of the best quotes from the trip but here are a few we remembered from while we were playing. Some comments were made as the answers were revealed:

#4 Not yet!

#7 Is there any other way to sleep?

#6 Who’s the wild child? … Don’t look at me!

#9 Hey, you know you have to have more than that, you must have forgotten to count your pervertibles.

#10 Did you count the basement?

#12 The frog does count, he has a name (Kroger).

Like I said, these women did know a great deal about each other but who knew the most?

PK here again I had another quiz question. One of the other questions asked which we preferred for a spanking OTK or prone, like on the bed. Three said prone and one said OTK. Who said OTK was her favorite?

Nick's quiz

1. After scoring of the quiz who best predicted the answers of the group:


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Current Results

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spanko’s are People too!

I'd like to welcome a guest poster to LA Kink! Please welcome my partner in crime, my one and only....


So here I am on my way to meet people who only my wife has talked to on the internet. Visions of perverted, weird, people who are uncomfortable to be around are lurking in my head. However I am somewhat reassured because I have been kept in the loop of all the conversations and planning that has been going on.

I can only give my impressions and memories of each person and maybe how it was different than I expected. One of the most complicated situations was trying to identify each person’s real name. Remembering whose spouse was whose and where everyone lived. I realize that everyone at this meeting is into blogging and domestic discipline which I am still trying to grasp. Now I am a salesman who is fairly comfortable in groups where I don’t know anyone, but still you hear bad stories of when people meet on the internet.

Ok enough of my insecurities. While we were waiting to meet our soon to be friends, my wife and I were very nervous. My wife’s legs were bouncing and her fingers nervously twitching. I suppose a good spanking would have calmed her down. The time finally arrived and we went downstairs to meet the reason why we were there. It was weird as the elevator door opened that there were screams and hands flinging in the air. Especially from people we had never met. The hotel clerk had a weird look on his face!

Eva was the first person that caught my attention. She was the loudest. She was very open and fun loving. It’s hard to imagine her not being the weight she is now. To me she looked like a normal healthy thin woman. After getting to know her struggles with weight it was interesting to hear what was going on inside her mind as we went from place to place. I remember asking her how she felt as she realized she could fit into the dresses on display in the windows on Rodeo drive. She seemed a little overwhelmed and speechless just thinking about it. I enjoyed talking with her throughout the weekend and was glad to have met her. Her husband Adam was tall like me and looked as he did in the pictures so he was easy to recognize. A genuinely nice guy from the start. He was very easy to talk to and easy to find something in common with. I remember him always wanting to be the last person through the door. It almost seemed too polite! I also remember when we were giving out the presents he kept hiding our gifts behind his back. That initially was kinda weird to me but after he showed us the leather hands I realized it was to make sure the presentation of the hands were not spoiled.

PK was fairly quiet when we initially met. However, over the days she proved to be anything but quiet and reserved. In fact in my opinion she was the most open about her interest in spanking and other great activities between 2 people. It was interesting to see her desire to spank each of the girls before we all left each other. Although that may sound kinda weird it was just playful and fun. I also enjoyed listening to her adventurous stories of when she was younger. Her husband Nick was also quiet in the beginning but was more purposeful in everything he said and did. The questionnaire he made up for the girls was well thought out and helped all the girls get to know each other better. He seems to be an analytical thinker type of person. I think this could be construed as shy but I did not find him shy at all. Nick seemed to really enjoy seeking out and visiting the “toy stores” To me however if I passed him in the street I would never ever think that he and his wife were into domestic discipline or spanking.

Although I am speaking about Ceeci last I think I will spend the most time talking about her and her man Mr. Smith aka Jim. It was unfortunate that the first day we did not spend much time with them because Jim had a nasty case of “Montezuma’s Revenge”. At least that’s the excuse they gave. In retrospect I’m guessing they were knocking the pictures off the walls that whole day. Throughout the weekend she continually surprised me with her wonderful suggestions and comments that were ultimately meant to help grace and my overall sex life. Ceeci had this great smile and a very warm personality which just made you feel comfortable talking to her. We had a common love of sports cars and shared a few stories which made me laugh. Jim however was the person I most found common ground with. He and I talked quite a bit about our love for baseball and coaching. He is the kind of guy that would be a daily friend of mine if he lived closer. I would ask him to coach with me or invite to a Dodger game.

After just a few hours together it became clear that there were no complete weirdo’s or crazies in the group. I kept thinking to myself that these were people who could be friends of ours if we all lived in the same town. It also made me realize that there are people we pass in the street or on the road that could be into spanking or domestic discipline. In reality even though “mainstream society” might view what brought us all together as weird or not normal, everyone I met was as normal as your friends at church, your co-worker, your neighbor. In reality, as you all already know, Spanko’s are people too!

P.S. I would like to publicly thank my wonderful wife of 19+ years for loving me with all her heart and giving me a window into her most intimate feelings regarding domestic discipline and spanking. It is nice knowing she will always be patient with my inability to “get it” and the trust she places in me to turn herself completely over to me.

*note from grace*

Bossman, I love you so much. Thanks for taking that trip with me. We had such a great time! Other than Jim getting sick, the trip couldn't have been more perfect! (well, that and the fact that it was too short!) Thank you for writing things from your perspective. Maybe you could write some more? Just a thought. Love you always! grace

Monday, August 11, 2008


If you have any manners at all, you will bring a gift to a party. The party in LA was no exception. Since all of us have excellent manners, we all brought gifts!

I probably don't need to mention this, but I LOVE gifts! Isn't it fun to be given something that someone has taken the time to purchase for you? Or better yet, make for you?

I got such lovely gifts from these ladies (and gentlemen) that I just had to share with you what they gave me.

First there is Ceeci. Most of you probably know this already, but she is a very wise woman. She knows a lot of things. She is also quite crafty. She made each of us these cute bracelets, including one for herself. She tells us that each color bead represents each of us (I'm the green one) and the bigger white ones represent the men. How cool is THAT? It is so beautiful and I have gotten numerous compliments on it as I wear it around. I feel so special know that there are three other ladies wearing matching bracelets. (Thanks Ceeci!)

Next there's Adam and Eva. Isn't this the coolest fly swatter you've ever seen? Isn't it so kind of them to be concerned about all the flies that could be buzzing around my house? I've been leaving all the doors and windows open in hopes that the flies will come in, just so I can swat them. (Thanks guys!)

Pk and Nick? They were kind enough to give us each a switch from their very own crab apple tree. This switch will be so nice to have this winter when I'm looking for some kindling to start a fire. It warms my heart that they were worried about our warmth this winter. They were also kind enough to bring us a wooden spoon made in their area. I know that Pk doesn't cook but wasn't it kind of her to think of my cooking needs. I am happy to report that it is the nicest spoon in my collection! (Thanks guys!)

Gifts are certainly fun, but gifts from these ladies...well, you just can't beat them. I will always cherish the bracelet. As for the rest of the items...

I'll have to get back to you on those!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tantric Secrets for Men...

... is the title of a book I've had in my collection for many years. Written by Kerry Riley, this book explores male sexuality based on the teachings of both Taoist and Hindu Tantra. On a lark, I gave my copy to Mr. Smith to read after returning from our trip to LA.

I've read the book several times and have garnered something new with each reading. It was my hope that by understanding how a man could be a stronger lover through the practices of Tantra somehow I could become a better lover, too. I like this book because the author stresses the importance of connection and communication. It is the key to a long and healthy relationship in his estimation and I couldn't agree more. Giving the book to Mr. Smith to read was my way of letting him know many of my beliefs. It was also my hope that he'd find value in the author's ideas.

Boy, did he!

After reading a chapter on the importance of retaining his essence (not orgasming with every sexual encounter) he discovered something that resonated with him. He agreed with the author that ejaculation for him... especially now during a time of stress and the low ebb of age... depletes rather than repletes him. He was so excited by what he'd read he's decided to talk to his sons, ages 17, 19 and 22 about what he's learned at 52. Book sales are about to soar!

Since learning about withholding his ejaculation some incredible things have happened to our encounters. Not only is he experiencing positive changes, I am too. I'm learning details about male orgasm I've not known, so from here on out, these are my observations about our encounters of the past nine days (yes, we've had sex every day... ours is a new relationship).

The first is that I did not realize how much my partner's orgasm meant to me. No orgasm seemed to mean I hadn't done something right. Nothing could be further from the truth. Good sex doesn't have to end in both partners coming. Good sex comes from both partners enjoying the connection. Mr. Smith has not had an orgasm since Friday, August 1st. I, on the other hand, can't seem to stop.

The intensity of our encounters is escalating. I've noticed physical changes in Mr. Smith's erections. He is definitely stiffer, the head of his cock seems larger to me when I take him into my mouth. Physically, he responds to my caresses more quickly and with greater urgency. He seems more open and has been sharing many fantasies with me. He takes the lead in our encounters, often to my bottom's absolute delight. He exudes power and confidence and I can't help believing it's all because he's decided to retain his ejaculation.

I had no idea that a man could control his orgasm to the point that Mr. Smith has been controlling his. I sense that his decision to delay orgasm is adding a new layer to his awareness of his sexuality. I see the satisfaction in his eyes when he knows he's taken me over the brink. His decision is heightening my response as well.

When we're enjoying one another, I become a very focused girl. I know he has decided not to orgasm and the decision takes a great deal of pressure off of me. I can pleasure him and I know he will respond to what I do to his body, yet I find our focus is on me and my orgasms.

Did you notice that's 'orgasm' plural? Because that has been the result. I've been coming with an intensity I never dreamed possible. My orgasms build quickly and their release is beyond what I've encountered before. I don't just squirt, I gush. I drench everything beneath me. I create puddles of cum.

Last night, Mr. Smith and I enjoyed a lovely dinner on my patio. Once the sun went down, our clothes came off. I straddled him in his chair and rode his stiff cock in a frenzy of pure lust. When the orgasms began, I sprayed. They rolled in waves, drenching both of us as they splashed to the concrete at our feet. Do you know how surreal it is to discover your feet in a puddle of your own cum? I could feel an orgasm building and then I would listen as it landed on the patio. They came in wave after delicious wave until I couldn't determine where I ended and Mr. Smith began.

I wonder (and trust me, I will ask) if being able to bring me to such a wanton brink empowers him. I think about what we will experience when he finally decides he is ready to ejaculate. Will there be an outflow of energy that takes time to recover? Will it be as much fun to build him back up again in the days that follow? Will I find myself laying next to a sleeping man, yearning for more? I guess we'll only know once he makes his decision to cum.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Men

We girls have been blogging for years now. We talk on email and sometimes by phone. We felt we knew each other pretty well. The trip actually changed things, we don’t just know each other, we are part of each other. The feeling I got on the trip reminded me of something I posted here before but it is worth repeating.

The bond that links your true family
Is not one of blood,
but of respect and joy in each other’s life.
Rarely do members of one family
Grow up under the same roof.

My blog has blessed me with many friends and many sisters. Most I have not gotten to meet yet but I am so grateful that I was able to see and and hear and touch these special women. And I can’t wait to get my hands on them again!!

But today I wanted to give you my impression of the men. And I will start with Nick. Yes I know I have mentioned Nick before a time or two on my site but I don’t think I have expressed how much HE has changed since all this started. I know when Eva and Adam were first going to meet him I warned her that he was kinda shy. Not unfriendly, just quiet and reserved. I was very worried that he wouldn’t have much to say to them. WRONG!! He and Adam began talking right away. They have always gotten along well. I did tell CeeCi and Grace the same thing about Nick and they later accused me of lying!

Okay the guy they saw was not shy. But I was basing my description on how he has been with some of my other friends, some of whom he has known for years and may not have engaged in 10 conversations. But as Nick tells me he felt like he knew these people and he knew we had a lot in common. He was as relaxed and comfortable on this trip as he could be.

Adam is truly a wonderful man. You get to hear a lot about him over at Eva’s site. Adam is a true smart ass like Nick – this was actually a trait I noticed in all our guys! I just plain like Adam, he picks on me, he give me/us backscratchers, and when I text Eva too often he tells me to get off the phone and go take a nap! But I like him anyway. He did teach me what a clothes line was for – and I don’t mean kinky, he was hanging wet clothes on it.

My favorite thing about Adam is how much he loves Eva. It is apparent in every thing he does or says. They can talk about anything. Something I am just beginning to do with Nick. They seem as comfortable talking about the rough patches in their marriage as they do the good times. They are just relaxed and happy with each other and that is what makes them both so much fun to be around.

Now about Bossman, the baby of our group. He is fun and he is funny! We got to ride with him and Grace about half the time and I love listening to the both of them. I don’t think he ‘knew’ all of us as well as Nick and Adam did because I don’t picture him reading the blogs as much. But Bossman is just the kind of guy you like the minute you meet him. But as sweet and easygoing as he is it takes no great imagination to picture him taking control when Grace should go too far in bratting or lets the bathroom get too messy. He looks like he could swing a mean backscratcher! I think he likes all of us now, he didn’t seem to mind us advising Grace on which toys to buy and that BJs could become a real joy for both partners. Nope, he didn’t seem to mind at all.

And that brings me to Mr. Smith, the newest one in the group. What courage this man has! After I got to see CeeCi and hear her voice I have to label Mr. Smith as one of the luckiest of men. But his courage shows in many ways. He took the plunge of asking a good friend out on a date. I would say that date went well. ROFLMAF that date went very well! But it also took courage to come meet all of us. I felt the best about him before our trip when CeeCi told us that after he had accepted her invitation he had some cold feet wondering ‘just what we would expect' of him. I felt better that he was a little worried that he was falling in with a bunch of pervs. (I mean, well he was, but the good, harmless kind).

CeeCi is lucky to have found such a friend. He is good looking, funny, talented, interesting and a good listener. He was as easy to talk to as anyone I have ever met. He talked about his family and we had a great conversation about LJ and Colin. I felt like we had been friends for a long time. But the very best thing about Mr. Smith – he makes my friend CeeCi very happy. They have a wonderful friendship.

Other tidbits about the guys, none are going to have to worry about keeping their hair out of their eyes or needing to tie it back in a ponytail anytime soon. Three of the four have goatees. And all are wonderful, funny, sexy, caring men who make the women in their lives incredibly happy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Batteries Required

Meet Rodney. Isn't he beautiful? Rodney is made of glass and has 'compleatly' changed the way I orgasm while using a dildo.

Rodney and I met at the Hustler store in Hollywood. He was hanging around with his other glass buddies when I spotted him. I'm not sure what caught my attention first. He wasn't as elaborate as some of the other glass guys in the display. It wasn't his color (although, there is something amazing about sliding blue glass into one's cooch). I just knew when I saw him, he was the one for me.

Rodney is 7 inches from base to tip. His gorgeous, blue bulb is a hefty 5 inches in circumference. He sits upright on a base that is wide enough to allow for safe insertion in more than one place.

As you may have noted in the photo, there is a line of bumps that run up the shaft of my new toy. Those bumps are absofuckinlutely incredible! The first time I used Rodney, Mr. Smith was in the shower. We were getting ready for a hedonistic couple of hours of exploring and playing with all of our purchases. His instruction, before heading into the bathroom, was for me to pleasure myself. I had on panties and was told I couldn't remove them or move them. I was to only use Rodney on the outside of my clothing. That was when I discovered the wonder of the bumps.

Since Rodney is glass, he's heavier than a latex or silicone dildo. The pressure as I rubbed those bumps up and down my clit was just right. I don't mean to sound like Goldie Locks, but they were not too heavy, not too light, they were just right. I was more than ready when Mr. Smith was finished with his shower.

There is so much I appreciate about Rodney. He's extremely easy to clean and because he's glass there is no possibility of allergic reactions. He slips into my pussy without resistance or need for extra lube. The glass warms up quickly, yet I love the coldness of his first touch. The bulb is just the right size and the bumps hit my g-spot in rapid succession when I'm riding him. The orgasms this wonderful new toy has produced have been some of my wettest yet.

Rodney was amazingly affordable, costing only $35.00. He came with his own lavender pussy (pouch) to protect him from the other toys in the drawer. Officially, he and all my toys haven't met yet, I'm still having too much fun keeping him all to myself.
Hey everyone!!! I just wanted to add a bit to CeeCi's lovely post... I have done some research...

Check out this site.... They even have glass butt plugs there for my twin!!!

And then there's this site... Gosh, these things are GORGEOUS!!!

Heck, do your own research. Just google "glass dildo" and all kinds of sites come up. These things are spectacular. How did I not know about this??

CeeCi, you are quite the educator! What other tricks you got up that sleeve of yours??

Adam and Eva's New Stuff

All these items were acquired on our trip. Nice??

Let's talk about each....

Adam found this game at Hustler and just HAD to have it. The questions and such are interesting but the game itself if rather confusing. It's for 2-8 players or 2-4 teams. I do hope to figure it out.

This yummy little number is a "Taffy Tickler." I am the one who just HAD to have this!! It's water proof. What more could a person want? I do have trouble remembering the name. I keep wanting to call it Laffy Taffy. That works too though, don't you think?

This evil wooden spatula was a gift from my ever loving, ever spanking, ever horny twin. She and Nick gave one of these beauties to each couple. I wonder if they got themselves one? They are quite nice.

Sigh. Yep. It's a butt plug. Crystal Jelly. I'm not sure how I feel about this. The jury is still out.

And just who do you think picked out this ouchy split tail whip? Wasn't me. Yowza. Ouch. Damn.

Interesting read. Nick wants to know if there's a significance to complete being misspelled. I dunno. Anyone?

PK and Nick also brought us all a switch that came off of a - I believe - crab apple tree. Nice, huh? NOT!!! Ouch. That sucker stings like none other!!

I couldn't have Grace getting some of these cutsie cuffs without getting some of my own. I didn't want to be a total copy cat though so I got black. Hers are red.

CeeCi talked Grace into this lubey good tasting stuff. We all know Grace isn't a fan of blowjobs while Bossman is. CeeCi explained that it tastes good, makes for lots of liquid AND acts like a barrier of sorts. Hmmmm... sold me too!!

Sigh. Last but not least. Isn't it lovely? You all know what a crop fan I am. We only owned one. Till now. Don't you just love purple? Yummmooooooo...... We've been having some fun. I love every toy we bought. Heck I love every toy everyone bought. I tried to sneak them all home with me but got caught. Sigh.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I got the paddle!

We got toys on the trip; we got lots and lots of toys! Another quote I could have put up for Nick might have been “Shopping is not something I enjoy on vacation. Who would have thought that shopping would have been one of the highlights of my trip?”

At the first store, which as everyone has said was a little seedy, Eva walked in and immediately started with “Oooooh, how cute!” I hadn’t seen anything that had caught my eye that quick (except for this strange little sign on Grace’s back). As I looked around I saw Eva gushing over the little dog sitting with the clerk. The store was interesting but not really what we were looking for.

I got some really nice things at Hustler Hollywood and I will show everything to you soon but now I want to tell you about the paddle, my wonderful paddle from the Pleasure Chest. Eva showed you one thing from each of us. I did get some cuffs while we were there, I got another butt plug and I didn’t want another tawse – but a firm leather paddle! I had been talking about getting one of those for a long time.

I was all over that store. I watched Grace and Bossman looking at cuffs, I showed C.C the rope section I found, I watched Eva drool over the crops and I had a long discussion with Adam about butt plugs. I had been looking at the paddles too but it wasn’t until Nick came over with the one he had found that my eyes started to sparkle! It is so beautiful! Thick, firm leather for the paddle part about a half inch thick. It was somewhat flexible but firm. The handle – well just look at it! It is a work of art, beautiful, beautiful wood. Nick tells me it has a great feel from the spanker’s side.

From the spankee’s side it is wonderful!! It is the perfect combination of sting and thud! It can really be felt even through jeans but I can still take it on the bare and love it! I had a few bruises from the first time he really used it. Best all round toy we have. We have been discussing a name for it. The first thought was 'LA Law' but Nick finally decided on 'Orange County Whap-her' (OCW).

But all that is not even the very best thing about it! My favorite thing about it is that it was Nick’s find. I am usually the toy hunter in the family and Nick is very accommodating. He often asks “Do we really need that?” But he rarely says no. But he found this and when he showed it to me I could tell he really liked it. It was more than we would usually spend on a toy but it had been marked down and we couldn’t resist. One other thing I couldn’t resist was giving each of my friends one swat with it (call me a switch, I don’t care!) do you realize that I am in possession of beautiful paddle that has been used on the bottoms of Eva, C.C, Grace and me. Can anyone else in blogland say that?? Shoot on eBay I could double our money in a flash! But it’s not going on eBay, I’m keeping it!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Spank me cuffs

The spank me cuffs are mine! Aren't they cute? Who could resist such cute cuffs that have my favorite saying on them? (I don't have a picture, so just scroll down to see them!)

I have to confess. Bossman is always telling me that my hands are in the way. It's not that I block spankings, I usually don't. No, my hands tend to try and block his way to "other" places. He enjoys tying up my hands so that he has the ultimate control. So, the spank me cuffs? They aren't really for when he spanks me.

Doesn't really matter what they are used for, does it? They are very cute, right?

Actually, want know WHY I decided on the cuffs? You know you want to know!

While in the Pleasure Chest, I noticed Bossman staring into a glass case. Curious to see what he was looking at, I wandered over. The glass case was full of handcuffs. METAL hand cuffs. The kind they use when arresting people.

I admit. I was intrigued. The guy behind the counter was more than happy to let us try them on. He was very informative on the advantages and disadvantages single locks versus double locks.

*Public Service announcement*

Double locking handcuffs are better. The single locks don't keep them from getting tighter around the wrist, so it can cut off circulation.

*This has been a public service announcement*

We were looking at all the shiny handcuffs and Bossman wanted to see how they looked on me. Wasn't that nice of him? I will admit, I look GOOD in silver!

I'm sure you're saying to yourself, "But you didn't buy the cute silver cuffs."

You would be right. Let me tell you something. Those cuffs look really pretty, but comfortable, they are NOT!

Sure, I'll admit, a little pain with my sex is usually a good thing, hence the reason for a spanking..right? But real cuffs? Wow, those would not be fun if your hands are behind your back and you had to lay on them. OUCH! They would dig into my wrists.

So Bossman, being the gentleman that he is, asked the wonderful clerk what HE would recommend.

Let me just paint a picture for you. I'm in a SEX store. I'm trying really hard not to walk around GIGGLING like a school girl. My HUSBAND is talking to the clerk about HANDCUFFS! Excuse me? Am I in the Twilight Zone?

*cue the music*

I'm going to admit to you here and now, I didn't look the guy in the eye. As a matter of fact, I just kept looking down in the case. I kept shaking my head and saying things like "Um hummm...oh, really? Oh, I see..."

Anyway, back to the cuffs. So Bossman asks the guy what he recommends and he kindly suggests the velcro cuffs. He leads us through the store to the velcro cuff section. See, what a nice guy he was?

We examined the selection offered, but the minute I saw the "spank me" cuffs, I KNEW they were mine!

The last thing I'm willing to admit.....

They are quite COMFY!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sticking It

You want me to do WHAT with this?

Okay - I (Eva) am the first to admit that - to the best of my knowledge - I am not, as PK would say, anal erotic.

That's not to say however that I'm not up for new things.
When I asked PK what one does with a butt plug and she replied with her smart assed "stick it" comment I laughed.

Of course I already knew THAT!!! But WHY does one stick it? I don't get it. It doesn't sound all that fun but hey, who am I to argue. Besides, if PK can purchase a $50 HMW at my insistence and persistence, then I suppose I can spend a few bucks on a butt plug.

But you know what?

Adam cornered PK in Pleasure Chest and quizzed her about the uses and benefits of said crystal jelly butt apparatus. I'm not quite sure what all she told him but she must have answered his questions in a way that piqued his interest because he bought the butt plug.

I didn't fight it or argue. I just went along with it.

No. It's not yet been used. Anyone wanna buy it? Kidding. Kidding. Kidding.

Seriously, if the truth were known, I am curious and knew all along what Adam was discussing with PK. I stayed an arms length... well more than that... away so they could talk.

Still though it hasn't been used............ yet.................

So there you have it... the butt plug is mine and honestly I think it might have caught my attention a long time ago had it not had such a ridiculous name. Butt plug. Come on now. There's got to be a more erotic, sexy, fun sounding name for it.

How about ... crap... I can't think of a thing. Help me! Let's rename it.


I know.

Perhaps after I've actually used it, it will be easier to name. In the meantime if you have any ideas, leave a comment!!!

Pssst ~ (*whispering*) Wanna know what I'm really afraid of? Using it. Liking it. And then something like this happens.

See what I mean?

So yeah, I confess... the butt plug is mine.

Cracks me up that PK won the vote on that one.

I mean think about it. She owns 2 dozen of them already (or some number greater than one). Would she buy such a generic beginner one? And also, I mean really... how many can she use at once?

Hey, y'all... have a GREAT day!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

LA Quotes - the answers

PK here! They do not call me the detail whore for nothing! I wanted to hear what everyone had to say and I remembered! This time Nick was helping me remember. So here is who said what.

1. “I’m not going in there; there are bars on the windows!”

The majority got this one right. This quote came from Grace when she saw the first toy store we found. I guess she was probably right. The other stores we found were MUCH better!

2. “I found the coolest nipple clamps!”

This comment did not come from me, it was CeeCi and she did seem very happy!

3. After spotting a butt plug with a battery that caused it to light up “Well, that gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘tail lights’.”

The tail light comment came from none other than my own smart @$$ hubby Nick!

4. “Oh look! Darth Vader I have to have my picture taken with him!”

This comment came from Bossman. He said it was for his son but he seemed awful excited himself! Bossman was really fun!

5. “I have about 2 hours left in me but we have to get this stuff in the right order or we can’t use it all.”

Yes, this did come from Mr. Smith. This is a man who thinks and plans ahead and he seems to end up with wonderful results!

6. After the earthquake who called to say “Did you see what we did?”

You got this one. I hope the people who suffered damages during the earthquake don’t try to sue CeeCi!

7. “Don’t worry folks I gave the night clerk a blow job and he says we can use the room.”

Alright I did say this but I was only kidding!!

8. “So I know it’s a butt plug, but what do I do with it?”

Actually two people said this, Eve in general conversation and Adam when he and I were looking at them and discussing the merits of different ones.

9. Who answered #8 with “Stick it!”

And yes it was me, PK, who told them where to ‘stick it’!

10. “I told you she was a switch!”

This came from Eva. She was saying it about me. She always says this about me although it is not true! Alright I did do a little swatting in fun. But I am NOT a switch!

11. “When did we go from ‘maybe’ to trying to make it taste good enough to swallow?”

I just can’t believe so many of you thought this was C.C. This came from poor Grace. She either has or will explain more about it. She is still not wild about giving BJ’s. But we were all trying to open her mind to the possibilities. Bossman didn’t seem to mind our help.

12. And who being told that classes were being offered in various sexual techniques said “Could I have a card please?”

So who wanted a card? Well probably all of us but Bossman was the one living close enough to feel they could someday take advantage.

All our conversations were fantastic, this was a mere taste. I may remember more.

That Tawse is No Tease

For those of you who luckily guessed it was me who purchased that gorgeous split tail tawse... way to go! For the rest of you, don't fret because if you'd told me on Friday that by Monday I would actually want to own one I'd have told you otherwise.

I shied away from leather until recently. Mr. Smith tossed us into a spontaneous scene about a month ago which resulted in my first belt spanking. The sting and the burn introduced me to the wonders of leather, but I wasn't convinced. After this weekend, I'm definitely a leather loving lady.

The Pleasure Chest on Santa Monica Blvd. was a spanko/ers dream... once we discovered the huge room up a short set of stairs I knew Bossman had brought us to the right place. It's an amazing store and the room smelled of new leather, incense and fun. The staff was great. The fact that eight guffawing, joking, rowdy old pervs had descended upon their quiet shop late on a Monday morning didn't seem to faze them one bit. They were gracious and very accommodating. We must have looked like none of us could have run fast enough to cause concern.... we sure could talk fast though!

In the furthest corner, at the back of the store, I found myself shoulder to shoulder with Nick and Adam. Eagerly, we sorted through the items hanging from various pegs and hooks on the wall. We would happily share some of our discoveries and although I would have willingly been a spank-test dummy, neither gentleman tried anything out on my backside. *dang it*

The moment I put my hand on the tawse I knew it was mine. I carefully removed it from its hook, stepped out of Nick and Adam's space and gave myself a little flick against the thigh. It was so yummy, I had to do it again, three more times!! I think I was skipping in my eagerness to show Mr. Smith what I'd found.

Mr. Smith is a new spanker, so he was unfamiliar with the item I'd enthusiastically handed him. His look said "what is it" as he turned it over in his hand and gave it a tentative swing.

"It's a split tail tawse!" I replied as if I couldn't believe he didn't know. Truth be told, I was hoping I was calling it the right thing at the time. It could have been a restaurant menu for all I knew, but what I knew was that I had to, had to, had to have it and I had to feel it on my naked ass, sooner than later.

Later was that night.

Mr. Smith choreographed an amazing evening for the two of us when we were back in our room. I think he employed nearly every new toy we'd purchased during the course of our play session.

Most definitely, the highlight was getting my bottom well spanked with our new tawse. It has the sweetest bite and the most delicious burn. Mr. Smith reported that it was extremely easy to hit his mark and he felt it wasn't necessary to use a great deal of force to have the reaction he was seeking.

I can understand this implement's place as a disciplinary tool. In our case we've determined it is a perfect motivator for quick compliance. I learned that the quicker I'd take Mr. Smith's stiff prick into my mouth after a glorious, glowing swat, the faster I'd get another one! It couldn't have been any better!!