Monday, August 4, 2008

I got the paddle!

We got toys on the trip; we got lots and lots of toys! Another quote I could have put up for Nick might have been “Shopping is not something I enjoy on vacation. Who would have thought that shopping would have been one of the highlights of my trip?”

At the first store, which as everyone has said was a little seedy, Eva walked in and immediately started with “Oooooh, how cute!” I hadn’t seen anything that had caught my eye that quick (except for this strange little sign on Grace’s back). As I looked around I saw Eva gushing over the little dog sitting with the clerk. The store was interesting but not really what we were looking for.

I got some really nice things at Hustler Hollywood and I will show everything to you soon but now I want to tell you about the paddle, my wonderful paddle from the Pleasure Chest. Eva showed you one thing from each of us. I did get some cuffs while we were there, I got another butt plug and I didn’t want another tawse – but a firm leather paddle! I had been talking about getting one of those for a long time.

I was all over that store. I watched Grace and Bossman looking at cuffs, I showed C.C the rope section I found, I watched Eva drool over the crops and I had a long discussion with Adam about butt plugs. I had been looking at the paddles too but it wasn’t until Nick came over with the one he had found that my eyes started to sparkle! It is so beautiful! Thick, firm leather for the paddle part about a half inch thick. It was somewhat flexible but firm. The handle – well just look at it! It is a work of art, beautiful, beautiful wood. Nick tells me it has a great feel from the spanker’s side.

From the spankee’s side it is wonderful!! It is the perfect combination of sting and thud! It can really be felt even through jeans but I can still take it on the bare and love it! I had a few bruises from the first time he really used it. Best all round toy we have. We have been discussing a name for it. The first thought was 'LA Law' but Nick finally decided on 'Orange County Whap-her' (OCW).

But all that is not even the very best thing about it! My favorite thing about it is that it was Nick’s find. I am usually the toy hunter in the family and Nick is very accommodating. He often asks “Do we really need that?” But he rarely says no. But he found this and when he showed it to me I could tell he really liked it. It was more than we would usually spend on a toy but it had been marked down and we couldn’t resist. One other thing I couldn’t resist was giving each of my friends one swat with it (call me a switch, I don’t care!) do you realize that I am in possession of beautiful paddle that has been used on the bottoms of Eva, C.C, Grace and me. Can anyone else in blogland say that?? Shoot on eBay I could double our money in a flash! But it’s not going on eBay, I’m keeping it!!


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  2. Oops, should have previewed before posting.

    What I meant to say was that I just got back from vacation and your fun times were way more fun than mine. It sounds like you all had a riot. I did not realize you were still there for the earthquake. I would have attributed it to the 8 of you as well!!

    What an excellent idea to create a blog to chronicle this spectacular event. I'm sure it was fun and we've only begun hearing about it!

    The 4 of you are so damn funny and brave.

    Debbie :)

  3. Guess what! I guessed every one right!!! I didn't get to do the poll because I haven't had the chance to be on until now after I read the first one so I'm just catching up! I love all 4 of you posting here!!!!

    Hugs & Pillows!!!

  4. *grins* That last remark had me cackling...*winks*

    It is a really beautiful paddle. What a terrific find. I'm looking forward to stories. *smiles*

  5. PK, such enthusiasm dear heart, makes me very happy for you.
    I lool forward to stories of Nicks growing skill with it, with bated breath.
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. It is more than a paddle it is a work of art. Nick will make your hiney the canvas and wonderful markings shall be made upon you.

    *hugs and grins*

  7. I'm sneaking in from work to make this comment. The pictures are gorgeous. I'm grateful to have been able to see the real thing, that paddle is a work of art. The handle is so smooth and curved to balance in the spanker's hand. The leather is rigid with the right amount of give. Nick really found a great addition to your toy chest!


  8. That's just a yummy looking new toy, I'm jealous!

  9. Debbie,
    I have never had a vacation more fun than that! Two years ago this would have been brave but after talking this long it was just a 'couldn't resist' trip!

    You know us well to get all those guesses right. And those were just a few of our wonderful purchases.

    It was a wonderful find and I love it!

    I feel that this is an exciting time in our lives. We sure are enjoying ourselves.

    It is a work of art! And I do like your way with words!

    I think it is just wonderful too, both the look and the feel. I am glad we got it while we were all together too.

    You know how it is all us kids are jealous of everyone else’s toys!

  10. that looks like a really nice paddle...sting and thud yummy! :-)

  11. Glad that you all enjoyed our LA store! I posted a link to your blog on our blog. Check it out:

    The Pleasurist