Thursday, July 31, 2008

To spank or not to spank....

Because there are 4 posters, there may be more than one post a day, so please scroll down! I don't want you to miss a thing!

Hi guys!

Grace is in the house!

Seriously, I have no idea where to begin! There is so much to tell and yet my mind is going blank when I try and write about it. I keep looking at the pictures and toys and trying to remind myself that it was REAL! The trip happened. I was there. My husband and I were a part of this amazing group. And after I think about that I just smile. I'm sorry, I CAN'T help it. We just had so much fun!

Let's see if I can stop smiling long enough to think of something to write.

I know some of our posts have eluded to the first toy store that we went to. That was a scary place. The neighborhood was scary. It was a little store. It was night time. It was creepy. Mind you, this was the VERY FIRST time that I'd ever been to an adult store. Sure, I could have stayed in the car, but I felt pretty safe in the group.

What was I thinking? How can ANYONE feel safe around that group? Do you KNOW what they did to me? Do you have ANY idea what these mean girls did to me? Just thinking about it now makes me realize that I should have been WAY more careful. I mean really, you just don't know WHO you're talking to on the internet these days.

Instead of telling you what they did, I'll just show you, so you can see for yourself how mean they were. Frankly, they all deserve spankings....ALL of them.

They put THIS on my back.....

So, do you agree with me? Do you think they deserve a spanking? Well I certainly do and I'm taking it up with the Spanking Council.

What's the Spanking Council, you ask? Don't worry, I'll be filling you in on that REAL soon!

PK breaking in here! Although I have no idea how that note got on Graces back (it may have floated down from the sky) I did manage to snap a picture of it while we were at the store.

Hey Y'all

I've noticed as the day's gone on that you aren't answering/guessing at PK's post here. I have a feeling it's cuz we're all either overwhelmed by it or just too lazy to type so I (Eva) have taken liberties without permission and have created a poll. When you get to the bottom of PK's quiz, keep going and do the poll!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LA Quotes

Hey, it's me PK!

This blog is different of course because there are 4 of us posting. All this means is that we might be stepping all over each other. When you come looking don’t just stop at the top post there may be several you haven’t seen! Don't miss the 'Who bought what' post below!

Some of you out there might have pictured a lot of spanking taking place on our wonderful LA trip and from what I can gather there was plenty! But that took place for the most part when we were alone with our guys. There was some swatting going on but that is about it.

What was going on during this visit? TALKING!!! And tons of it! I have never met a group of people I enjoyed talking to any more than these 7 people! You know what it’s like to meet a group of people for the first time. Although you know you are going to like everyone there is always that one that doesn’t quite fit in. Maybe they talk too much or tell dumb jokes or just some how don’t mesh with the others. But everyone got along, not just got along – everyone was wonderful!!!

But I wanted to share some of this talk with you. I have a contest in mind like Eva. Actually the idea for this post came from Nick. So here we go – some of my favorite quotes from the weekend. You need to see if you can guess who said what.

1. “I’m not going in there; there are bars on the windows!”

2. “I found the coolest nipple clamps!”

3. After spotting a butt plug with a battery that caused it to light up “Well, that gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘tail lights’.”

4. “Oh look! Darth Vader I have to have my picture taken with him!”

5. “I have about 2 hours left in me but we have to get this stuff in the right order or we can’t use it all.”

6. After the earthquake who called to say “Did you see what we did?”

7. “Don’t worry folks I gave the night clerk a blow job and he says we can use the room.”

8. “So I know it’s a butt plug, but what do I do with it?”

9. Who answered #8 with “Stick it!”

10. “I told you she was a switch!”

11. “When did we go from ‘maybe’ to trying to make it taste good enough to swallow?”

12. And who being told that classes were being offered in various sexual techniques said “Could I have a card please?”

So do your guessing. There is at least one quote from each of us. Just put the number of the quote and who you think.

PK, Nick
CeeCi, Mr. Smith
Grace, Bossman
Eva , Adam

PK's Poll

I am thinking we'll try doing this as a link... click on this link ( Who Said It? ) and it should take you to the poll where you can answer all 12 questions....

Who Bought What?

Eva here.

While in LA we went to three LA Kink stores. The first one was a bit seedy. It was in a not so hot looking neighborhood with bars on all the windows and doors. It looked kind of scary and really didn't have all that much stuff. None of us bought a thing.

The next day, however, Bossman found this store.

Talk about a tasteful, wonderful adult story!!! Hustler Hollywood was it!!! There was one slight problem however. They had tons of toys, were very friendly, and we (all 8 of us) had a great time there. Heck, their motto is "Relax, it's just sex." And they are right. It is just sex and we WERE rather relaxed. All of us bought something there but the problem was this: They had very few spanking toys and they were shoved into a back room.

CeeCi was demanding more LA Kink store time so the following day Bossman found yet another store - this one. Turned out that this was THE store!!! They had tons of "OUR" stuff. You name it.. floggers, whips, crops, paddles... it's was a spankos paradise. I was a bit disappointed in the first item I looked at though because it was so massively expensive. I knew there was no way I wanted to spend that kind of money on a spanking implement. But then we went deeper into the store and found an amazing wall of leather. It was all behind a glass counter but an employee welcomed us to walk behind the counter and look. That's where we found some great items.

They had crops and whips and crops and paddles and crops and chains and crops and cuffs and crops and many many other leather things such as blindfolds, masks, gloves, and did I tell you they even had crops?

Anyhow, I took this picture in the parking lot:

In that picture is one item purchased by each of us: PK, Grace, C.c and myself.

Wanna see them a bit closer? Okay, here we go.

These durable, easy to use sexy red cuffs are washable, soft and comfy. Snap together for quick and easy restraint. They feature D rings for optional, additional hardware and adjustable, strong Velcro closures. Their new owner is venturing into a whole new world of fun and we know you will be expecting a full report!!

This cute butt plug is made of a clear translucent jelly that is firm but flexible. You can savor the exquisite pleasure as you "bump and grind." This butt plug helps intensify your orgasms delightfully. It is 4" long and graduates from ¾" to 1¼" with a flared safety base. Its proud new owner was particularly impressed with its flexible softness.

Made from high density THICK black English saddlery leather with a wooden handle this paddle will pack quite the punch upon contact. I will tell you this much: The new owner of this lovely gem attempted to receive a discount by claiming it was used merchandise after she herself planted smacks on the rears of all her LA Kink friends. (No discount was given for such use)

This split tawse is handcrafted from the finest 14 - 16 oz. heavy imported British Harness Leather. It measures 21 inches by 1 - 1/2 inches wide with two 8 - 1/2 inch tails. Handcrafted to original specifications all edges are marked with saddlers crease line and are fully beveled, burnished, and finished.

These are your items. Now it's time to vote. Who do you think purchased each?

Who Bought What?

1. Who purchased these fun and sexy red handcuffs?


2. Who purchased the lovely crystal jelly butt plug?


3. The mega thick rubber paddle belongs to:


4. And lastly, the beautifully ouchy looking split tawse is owned by: