Monday, August 11, 2008


If you have any manners at all, you will bring a gift to a party. The party in LA was no exception. Since all of us have excellent manners, we all brought gifts!

I probably don't need to mention this, but I LOVE gifts! Isn't it fun to be given something that someone has taken the time to purchase for you? Or better yet, make for you?

I got such lovely gifts from these ladies (and gentlemen) that I just had to share with you what they gave me.

First there is Ceeci. Most of you probably know this already, but she is a very wise woman. She knows a lot of things. She is also quite crafty. She made each of us these cute bracelets, including one for herself. She tells us that each color bead represents each of us (I'm the green one) and the bigger white ones represent the men. How cool is THAT? It is so beautiful and I have gotten numerous compliments on it as I wear it around. I feel so special know that there are three other ladies wearing matching bracelets. (Thanks Ceeci!)

Next there's Adam and Eva. Isn't this the coolest fly swatter you've ever seen? Isn't it so kind of them to be concerned about all the flies that could be buzzing around my house? I've been leaving all the doors and windows open in hopes that the flies will come in, just so I can swat them. (Thanks guys!)

Pk and Nick? They were kind enough to give us each a switch from their very own crab apple tree. This switch will be so nice to have this winter when I'm looking for some kindling to start a fire. It warms my heart that they were worried about our warmth this winter. They were also kind enough to bring us a wooden spoon made in their area. I know that Pk doesn't cook but wasn't it kind of her to think of my cooking needs. I am happy to report that it is the nicest spoon in my collection! (Thanks guys!)

Gifts are certainly fun, but gifts from these ladies...well, you just can't beat them. I will always cherish the bracelet. As for the rest of the items...

I'll have to get back to you on those!


  1. Grace, a sweet post, very nice memento's of the visit.
    The bracelets are superb and will be cherished as years go by.
    I just hope that the Crab Apple switches don't leave a sour note.
    As for wooden spoons and fly swatters, it's always nice when you know your friends tastes.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Grace I agree that the bracelet is very special (I am the purple) and don't forget that the little silver things in between stand for TTWD. I don't take mine off. It helps me believe that the LA trip was real!

    Grace didn't tell you but she and Bossman gave us spices (for cooking) from their area as well as a bottle of wine that we are saving for a special occasion!

    Of course this go to show that Grace and CeeCi are classier than Eva and I but I bet you knew that already didn't you.

    I hope everyone has used the spoon and the switch - plenty more switches where that came from girls, in case one breaks. And as for the hand flyswatter - Nick seems to think it should be within hands reach most of the time. He is getting plenty of practice and I haven't seen a fly yet!

    Love you girl,


  3. The bracelet idea is so lovely :-)

  4. Such beautiful gifts! I love all of them!:-) It is true you are all wonderful thoughtful, and gracious party goers! :-)



  5. I'm so glad you like your bracelet! I had such a good time making each one and have enjoyed wearing mine every day since. It makes me smile to play with it and think of all the fun we had.

    Have you and Bossman tried that wooden spatula? That little monster really stiiiiings (I love it)! The flyswatter is just a riot, it makes me giggle every time. I will admit, the switch has me a tad intimidated, but I'm sure once we use it I'll really like it too!

    Thanks for the seasoning, it adds a wonderful flavor to our barbecue. Hmmm, come to think of it we used it the night I rode Mr. Smith in his chair on the patio... does it contain some secret mixture?