Friday, August 1, 2008

LA Quotes - the answers

PK here! They do not call me the detail whore for nothing! I wanted to hear what everyone had to say and I remembered! This time Nick was helping me remember. So here is who said what.

1. “I’m not going in there; there are bars on the windows!”

The majority got this one right. This quote came from Grace when she saw the first toy store we found. I guess she was probably right. The other stores we found were MUCH better!

2. “I found the coolest nipple clamps!”

This comment did not come from me, it was CeeCi and she did seem very happy!

3. After spotting a butt plug with a battery that caused it to light up “Well, that gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘tail lights’.”

The tail light comment came from none other than my own smart @$$ hubby Nick!

4. “Oh look! Darth Vader I have to have my picture taken with him!”

This comment came from Bossman. He said it was for his son but he seemed awful excited himself! Bossman was really fun!

5. “I have about 2 hours left in me but we have to get this stuff in the right order or we can’t use it all.”

Yes, this did come from Mr. Smith. This is a man who thinks and plans ahead and he seems to end up with wonderful results!

6. After the earthquake who called to say “Did you see what we did?”

You got this one. I hope the people who suffered damages during the earthquake don’t try to sue CeeCi!

7. “Don’t worry folks I gave the night clerk a blow job and he says we can use the room.”

Alright I did say this but I was only kidding!!

8. “So I know it’s a butt plug, but what do I do with it?”

Actually two people said this, Eve in general conversation and Adam when he and I were looking at them and discussing the merits of different ones.

9. Who answered #8 with “Stick it!”

And yes it was me, PK, who told them where to ‘stick it’!

10. “I told you she was a switch!”

This came from Eva. She was saying it about me. She always says this about me although it is not true! Alright I did do a little swatting in fun. But I am NOT a switch!

11. “When did we go from ‘maybe’ to trying to make it taste good enough to swallow?”

I just can’t believe so many of you thought this was C.C. This came from poor Grace. She either has or will explain more about it. She is still not wild about giving BJ’s. But we were all trying to open her mind to the possibilities. Bossman didn’t seem to mind our help.

12. And who being told that classes were being offered in various sexual techniques said “Could I have a card please?”

So who wanted a card? Well probably all of us but Bossman was the one living close enough to feel they could someday take advantage.

All our conversations were fantastic, this was a mere taste. I may remember more.


  1. thanks for providing the answers...have been too tired and busy with day to day stuff to guess... :-) I would have gotten a few right but I guess I can't really claim that since I never took the time to try to answer.
    :-) Such fun you all are...

  2. This was great and I did get about 70% of them right.

    *hugs and grins*

  3. PK, seems like hilarity abounded.
    I think that I got about half of them right.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. I would have really enjoyed listening and participating in the fun. *grins* I'm glad you all had such a terrific time. I'm looking forward to more.

  5. “I found the coolest nipple clamps!”

    *g* and later the next night I knew I'd found the perfect nipple clamps! Ooo la la! Did I point out that there was a clit clamp too? The fun wasn't so much in the clamping, but in the unclamping... and that's all I'm going to share right now.

    “I have about 2 hours left in me but we have to get this stuff in the right order or we can’t use it all.”

    Turned out he had three.

    “Did you see what we did?”

    That was just the aftershock from the night before. I know I felt the earth move more than once.

    This was fun. I'm glad you're such a good DW.


  6. Boy there was a lot living in those 4 short days! Reminds me of the Rosy Red Rest Retreat! Only you guys were still young enough to enjoy it!