Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spanko’s are People too!

I'd like to welcome a guest poster to LA Kink! Please welcome my partner in crime, my one and only....


So here I am on my way to meet people who only my wife has talked to on the internet. Visions of perverted, weird, people who are uncomfortable to be around are lurking in my head. However I am somewhat reassured because I have been kept in the loop of all the conversations and planning that has been going on.

I can only give my impressions and memories of each person and maybe how it was different than I expected. One of the most complicated situations was trying to identify each person’s real name. Remembering whose spouse was whose and where everyone lived. I realize that everyone at this meeting is into blogging and domestic discipline which I am still trying to grasp. Now I am a salesman who is fairly comfortable in groups where I don’t know anyone, but still you hear bad stories of when people meet on the internet.

Ok enough of my insecurities. While we were waiting to meet our soon to be friends, my wife and I were very nervous. My wife’s legs were bouncing and her fingers nervously twitching. I suppose a good spanking would have calmed her down. The time finally arrived and we went downstairs to meet the reason why we were there. It was weird as the elevator door opened that there were screams and hands flinging in the air. Especially from people we had never met. The hotel clerk had a weird look on his face!

Eva was the first person that caught my attention. She was the loudest. She was very open and fun loving. It’s hard to imagine her not being the weight she is now. To me she looked like a normal healthy thin woman. After getting to know her struggles with weight it was interesting to hear what was going on inside her mind as we went from place to place. I remember asking her how she felt as she realized she could fit into the dresses on display in the windows on Rodeo drive. She seemed a little overwhelmed and speechless just thinking about it. I enjoyed talking with her throughout the weekend and was glad to have met her. Her husband Adam was tall like me and looked as he did in the pictures so he was easy to recognize. A genuinely nice guy from the start. He was very easy to talk to and easy to find something in common with. I remember him always wanting to be the last person through the door. It almost seemed too polite! I also remember when we were giving out the presents he kept hiding our gifts behind his back. That initially was kinda weird to me but after he showed us the leather hands I realized it was to make sure the presentation of the hands were not spoiled.

PK was fairly quiet when we initially met. However, over the days she proved to be anything but quiet and reserved. In fact in my opinion she was the most open about her interest in spanking and other great activities between 2 people. It was interesting to see her desire to spank each of the girls before we all left each other. Although that may sound kinda weird it was just playful and fun. I also enjoyed listening to her adventurous stories of when she was younger. Her husband Nick was also quiet in the beginning but was more purposeful in everything he said and did. The questionnaire he made up for the girls was well thought out and helped all the girls get to know each other better. He seems to be an analytical thinker type of person. I think this could be construed as shy but I did not find him shy at all. Nick seemed to really enjoy seeking out and visiting the “toy stores” To me however if I passed him in the street I would never ever think that he and his wife were into domestic discipline or spanking.

Although I am speaking about Ceeci last I think I will spend the most time talking about her and her man Mr. Smith aka Jim. It was unfortunate that the first day we did not spend much time with them because Jim had a nasty case of “Montezuma’s Revenge”. At least that’s the excuse they gave. In retrospect I’m guessing they were knocking the pictures off the walls that whole day. Throughout the weekend she continually surprised me with her wonderful suggestions and comments that were ultimately meant to help grace and my overall sex life. Ceeci had this great smile and a very warm personality which just made you feel comfortable talking to her. We had a common love of sports cars and shared a few stories which made me laugh. Jim however was the person I most found common ground with. He and I talked quite a bit about our love for baseball and coaching. He is the kind of guy that would be a daily friend of mine if he lived closer. I would ask him to coach with me or invite to a Dodger game.

After just a few hours together it became clear that there were no complete weirdo’s or crazies in the group. I kept thinking to myself that these were people who could be friends of ours if we all lived in the same town. It also made me realize that there are people we pass in the street or on the road that could be into spanking or domestic discipline. In reality even though “mainstream society” might view what brought us all together as weird or not normal, everyone I met was as normal as your friends at church, your co-worker, your neighbor. In reality, as you all already know, Spanko’s are people too!

P.S. I would like to publicly thank my wonderful wife of 19+ years for loving me with all her heart and giving me a window into her most intimate feelings regarding domestic discipline and spanking. It is nice knowing she will always be patient with my inability to “get it” and the trust she places in me to turn herself completely over to me.

*note from grace*

Bossman, I love you so much. Thanks for taking that trip with me. We had such a great time! Other than Jim getting sick, the trip couldn't have been more perfect! (well, that and the fact that it was too short!) Thank you for writing things from your perspective. Maybe you could write some more? Just a thought. Love you always! grace


  1. What an awesome post, Bossman! Welcome and thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experiences... doubts and all.

    You're absolutely right! Spankos are people too and you never know what the average person on the street just might be doing in their private lives.

    Many of your observations were like mine. I was especially taken by your sense of humor and vast car knowledge. I think you and Mr. Smith would be great motivational speakers and amazing coaches. You're both quick thinking and have an ability to express your thoughts in splendid ways. Gosh, if you two coached a team, you'd go to the championships!

    PK and Nick delighted me with their openness and thoughtfulness. I loved listening to them, their voices were melodic. PK's playful nature and curiosity was a joy to behold. The extra bonus was Nick's dry and understated sense of humor.

    I agree, Eva looks amazing and to know what she's gone through to get there and is still working through, well, I'm honored to know such a brave woman. Adam is such a loving, caring and dedicated person. I think he could move mountains if he had to. Those two are a great team.

    And although Montezuma did rear his ugly head into the early part of the trip, I think Mr. Smith did a stellar job of rising above it. Please accept our sincerest apologies for causing the pictures in your room to hang crooked, we got carried away.

    What a great thought... neighbors... wouldn't that be fun!


    ps-I can't wait for Mr. Smith to read this as he's said many of the same things and had similar doubts!!

  2. Dang, I forgot to mention your knee bouncing, nervous other half! She shook and I had puddles in my palms as the plane made its descent into LAX! I kept wondering if we'd made a huge, expensive mistake. Cuz, like you pointed out, odds were against us all. How awesome that we beat the odds.

    I adored Grace's willingness. It's not easy to have so many firsts with such a rambunctious group. She handled it with grace and humor and panache. From stickers to Semenex, from cuffs to switches she gave it back as good as she got it. Plus, she's cute and really loves her big Bossman.

    Only a woman who trusts and adores the man she's devoted her life to could come out to him like she did with you.


    *more hugs*

  3. Wow! Isn't it nice to hear from Grace's husband. What a great post from your perspective, Bossman.

    You did beat the "internet" odds but I believe that out of all of the women in our blogland the 4 were destined to meet and enjoy every second of it. I've always admired them. To be able to have the spouses as willing participants - PRICELESS!!!!

    I hope we hear more from your perspective, Bossman. I ditto what CeeCi said, Grace loves you like no other.

    Debbie :)

  4. Really nice to hear the male point of view! Hope it won't be your last post - it's clear you have a lot to add ;-)

  5. Bossman I think you described each of us prefectly - yes I am the quiet, shy, demure little southern bell. Okay not exactly!

    I am only beginnng to realize how we truly hit the blogger jackpot. I have talked to others who were not so lucky when meeting folks. I was very nervous when I first met Eva and Adam but I wasn't nervous meeting four of you. I just knew it would be great! and I was right!

    CeeCi and Jim as well as Grace and you were just as much fun as I expected. But I don't remember any adventure stories of my youth - I thought I was boring then. Nick is working on a post about his game. It will be ready soon!

    Oh and I wnated to tell you that I am glad your surgery is behind you, or rather in front of you, oh shoot I guess on top of you!
    Well where ever it was I am glad it's gone!


  6. Thanks for sharing it from a guy's perspective.


  7. Jim here....I would like to say, "the pleasure was all mine", but I know from being with CeeCi, that would be an inaccurate statement. Also, from talking with CeeCi, I know everyone had a great time.

    As a deep thinking male counterpart to CeeCi, I also didn't know what to expect for this weekend. However, I concluded that going to LA with her for a weekend totally overshadowed any need for expectations, and, hence, I cheerily strapped on my Pith helmet (at least mentally) and boarded our plane for the concrete jungle.

    As I look back, I must agree with the Bossman, I could easily see this group on a daily basis, say, gathered around the neighborhood BBQ on a weekend, reclining in our lawn chairs, drinking beer or wine, celebrating summer, the 4th of July, waving spatulas in the air.

    The difference, for me, between going down to LA and returning home, can be best summed up as follows:

    Going down - I pictured nice people at some minimum level at least (because they were CeeCi's pals), but with lots of piercings, tattoos, and green hair. Incense smoke burning in a dimly lit hotel room, Doors music playing in the background, people staring at me, saying, "C'mon, man, lighten up and get naked", or, "C'mon, dude, paddle me hard - I'm tired of the girl's strokes" or "C'mon, let's hold the new guy down".

    Returning Home - Now I picture living on the same block, "Hey, Jim, dijya see where Favre is gonna play for New York? Oh, by the way, Gracie was wondering where you got that tawse - she wants us to get one now, too." Or, "Hey, just dropped by to return the riding crop, thanks again." "No problem, pal, anytime, got time for a cool one?"

    Heck, now I'm thinking we should all just do our own reality sitcom, kind of like Friends, except we'd call it "Backslaps All Around" or maybe just "Slaps". It would air on late night HBO.

    All in all, it was a great weekend with great people.


  8. Bossman, absolutely we are just human beings.
    So good to meet you, Grace speaks about, but this post ids an eye opener.
    Thank you for taking the time.
    Warm hugs,

  9. Before I started wandering in blogland, I could never understand why teenagers would want to make their friends on the internet. How could you possibly become good friends with someone you only talked to online? It just didn't make sense to me. Now it does. Great post Bossman, it was nice to meet you.

  10. Bossman,
    Great post. And yes it is amazing that we may have all started the trip with a bit of uncertainty but left unanimously wishing we were closer geographically and could spend more time together as a group. I don't think I started with many concerns about meeting the group. After meeting Adam and Eva, and seeing what generous and caring guys they were, I assumed PK's choice of friends would hold up with the four I hadn't met. I knew the women would have plenty to talk about but wondered if there might be awkward moments with the guys. As it turned out that wasn't the case. If there were times that I seemed to be the quiet one of the group it was because I was trying so hard to follow three different conversations at the same time.

    I found that Grace posseses the wit and charm that her reader's have already seen. Bossman has a contagious enthusiasm and made a great tour guide, finding places to go and getting us there and parked with little hassle. It was a real joy riding aroud LA and talking with the two of them.

    I found Ceeci to be one of the most open, encouraging individuals I have ever met. When she is helping someone with computer/photography tips or suggesting products at one of the adult stores, her face lights up. Her Jim did show a lot of guts jumping in to all this so suddenly (I totally cracked up reading his preconceptions heading toward LA). Although I didn't get to talk as much with him, as we were always in opposite cars, he is obviously an intersting person and is always thinking.

    In general I felt a litle in awe being around such a dynamic group.

    One other thing, when Adam and Eva are here this weekend we will have a good time, but all four of us will be very aware of the four we wished we here with us.

  11. Great post, Bossman. It's nice to get the male perspective. I can just imagine how nervous my guy was when he flew across country to meet me after a year of getting to know each other online. That was before internet dating and blogs, but we're married now and couldn't be happier. It's wonderful when it works out so well.

    I just love Jim's idea for a reality show with you all. That might just be the first reality show I'd watch.

  12. It was great to hear from you on here, Bossman. This was a great post, and it makes me wish even more I could have been a fly on the wall!

  13. Ahhhh. That's all I can say is ahhhhhh!


  14. Gee its nice to hear from the guys!

  15. Hello and thanks for all the great comments and replys. I am sure we will see each other again soon. Jim and Nick it's good to see your comments as well. I'm not much of a blogger but I will try and do a better job of lurking.