Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We're still around

Some one just left a comment asking if this blog was active or not. Hmmmm... not sure what to tell you. We - Grace, Eva, CeeCi and I (PK) created this blog last summer to share all the adventures surrounding our LA trip. We had such a fantastic time together. We pretty much told all there was to tell about that trip but we hope to have more visits together in the future. So for the time being we are leaving the site opened. Also now that CeeCi and Eva are both private they can always use this site if they ever want to post something for everyone. For that matter if anyone ever wants to comment to any of us feel free to comment here. The comment will go to each of our emails. And hopefully we all will be together again soon and we'll have even more adventures to share.

Hope that answered the question.


1 comment:

  1. Good idea PK!

    Great place for Eva and Ceeci to post, if there is something that want the world to read.

    Hopefully, we will meet again! We had such a good time in LA.

    Hey girls...how bout Vegas????